About Us


Trade Kraft International is a website and software development company offering customized internet marketing, E-commerce, web designing, web application development and consulting services.
Our team of experts who are fully equipped with all the latest tools and techniques provide in-budget and on-time services to the clients. Their elite resources and better time management abilities give birth to cost effective, highly advanced, optimized and user friendly solutions to their clients.
We specialize in designing high quality websites and software applications in a large number of domains.Trade Kraft International has established an effective and reliable strategy to offer the best of all the IT services to their clients. We have a flexible and dynamic strategy to cater the needs of our customers no matter either it’s a small business, a large enterprise, a single user or an SME user.

We are the most reliable IT service providers who work hard to maintain a long working relationship with our customers to make them steps ahead of the rivals. We offer services in India, Singapore, US and UK Clients.

Our cost efficient services ensure that everyone from small to large to individual users can avail our services and can reap maximum benefits from their web based businesses. We offer custom built solutions according to the specific needs of the clients. We respond quickly and adjust any changes or make additions within 24 hours.

Our software and website development tools make the customers available with object-oriented programming and designs. Moreover, we make use of modern technologies and tools available in the IT market today. We are striving hard to stay in pace with the quickly evolving software and website development capabilities and make a lucrative use of the internet and multimedia.

The reason behind our success is the truth that Trade Kraft International embrace a squad of experienced service providers. We chase a widely proven strategy to ensure success in each and every project. Our team of experts helps the customer understand the main drivers involved; it helps the client to avoid sudden mishaps.

As the installation process is completed, a continuous communication system is established with the customers to keep them informed about the necessary features or any updates.



Trade Kraft International builds robust middleware and scalable web back-ends to bring the power of seamless data interchange between mobile clients along with integral user experience.


Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.


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